Critter Control is the leading residential wildlife control company in Waco. We have years of experience in humane wildlife control services, including wildlife trapping and removal, wildlife damage repairs, wildlife prevention and more. Our teams want to solve your problems as quickly and effectively as possible while using the most humane practices in the business. There isn’t a residential animal problem we can’t handle.  We know how to get rid of squirrels in the attic, mice and rats in the walls, bats in the chimney and so much more! Whether you’re looking for raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, mole control or another service, Critter Control of Waco is your best choice in home wildlife control!

Can’t get rid of the raccoons or squirrels in or around your home? Or maybe you’ve been hearing scratching noises in the walls or attic? Our professional residential wildlife control services are just what you need. Critter Control of Waco offers wildlife removal services to Waco and the surrounding area. Give us a call today, or contact us here!