Critter-Control of Waco is now offering a very unique product that properly positions themselves with current economic conditions and a client’s needs to have animal, pest control, and additional home services provided.

Critter-Control of Waco has implemented a trade/barter program.  A client may now be able to benefit from having goods or motor vehicles turned into cash for the services that are needed at their home.  Critter-Control has established a working relationship with vendors who are able to take once considered not used or invaluable items and turn this into cash for the client or to help to facilitate this transition so that client services can now be provided.

This new company positioning is allowing the clients of animal intrusion, pest control, and home services to be able to overcome their tightened budgets and our current economic conditions to allow needed services to their homes and businesses.  Critter-Control leads the industry with unique and innovative services that only we can provide.

We have Critter-Control professionals and vendors standing by to take your call and move forward with your home needs.